Banks back to its position after the 10 years of financial crisis

According to the reports, it has been 10 years since the world of finance started a wobble that would swing into what we now refer as the global financial crisis. One can see the remaining scars of the global financial crisis today. Trillion of dollars have been loosed. A number of key problems have been highlighted by the crisis which has remained unresolved.

As per to the research, it has been revealed that one in three Americans believe that they have yet to recover financially or never will get recovered, despite getting signals from the Federal Reserve that the US economy is growing.

Looking at those two-thirds of Americans, that is approximately 64 percent, who believe that they have fully recovered financially. For them, it has been a long road. It has been reported by not less than half of the Americans that they require three years or more to fully recover financially, or have yet to recover.

As the 2007 recession was widely accelerated by the housing collapse, it has been asked which factors at present need to be improved in order to feel secure, the top response was the job market as compared to the housing market.


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