New York To Step Up War Against Rats

“I do not think anyone in New York likes it,” Mayor Bill de Blasio had proclaimed months ago, announcing a crash plan to combat the growing presence of rats. Yesterday the city went one step further to redouble its war against the rodents, by reinforcing with an additional investment of $ 750,000 to the 32 million of the original plan to eradicate them.

“It is unacceptable that the quality of life of people in our neighborhoods is diminished by rats,” De Blasio said yesterday in a park in the Upper West Side of Manhattan, particularly besieged by rodents. Several parents had complained that the rats had invaded the parks in the area, and some neighbors noted that the animals had tried to jump into the strollers of their children.

The campaign effort focuses on the lower Manhattan and sections of the Bronx and Brooklyn. The target is a 70% reduction by the end of 2018.

For affected parks, the government plans to replace trash cans with 29 hermetic containers that compact the trash with solar energy. They will also redouble the garbage collection patrols.

The deratization strategy includes the repair of soils in public housing projects and the use of dry ice as a toxic weapon against rodents. Also will work in the subway stations.

“To be honest, the rats are everywhere,” said a neighbor who took her children to the park where Di Blasio announced the new phase of the plan.

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