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Adecco Group Acquiring General Assembly For $413 Million

Adecco Group is a very popular human resources company in Europe. It now wants to extend its wings to North America. The Adecco group has confirmed that it is looking to acquire the General Assembly business based in New York.

General Assembly is a startup company that offers programming, designing and management training. Adecco will be acquiring the General Assembly startup for a whopping $413 million. Once this acquisition is complete, Adecco will have added the business job training and re-skilling services to its portfolio.

The General Assembly is a well-known business in North America. It has come up like anything from being a startup to offer training and education programs for the newbie tech-related white-collar employees of businesses. This company is worth $440 million. The early investors in the business will be getting very good returns on their investment.

The acquisition by Adecco Group is not a disturbing one for General Assembly. The company had raked in $100 million in 2017. With this acquisition, the General Assembly will get open access to the 100,000 businesses that are under the Adecco Group wings. This will help in the further expansion of the business.

General Assembly will be working as a separate entity and will be led from the front by its founder and chief executive Jake Schwartz.

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