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Blue State Governors Looking to Challenge GOP Tax Law

The New York Governor Andrew Cuomo wants to challenge the new Republican tax law. He says that he is going to carry out a legal fight against the GOP tax laws. His decision comes in the wake of other Blue State leaders joining the push against the new tax reforms.

Cuomo said that he finds a lot of issues in the GOP tax laws that take effect in the New Year. The local tax deductions and the proposed tax limits are highly in favor of the residents of the state like California, New Jersey, and New York.

The Blue states are under the raid of the Republicans. They are looking to balance the tax code changes. There is a question about these changes as the individuals will see a temporary tax reduction and the corporations will see a permanent tax cut.

The New Jersey Governor-elect Phil Murphy and Californian Governor Jerry Brown are on the same page as Cuomo. They feel that there is a need to fight the new GOP tax laws legally.

The overhaul of taxes was signed by the President, Donald Trump in December. There is a cap on the local and state tax deductions. This law allows a deduction to the tune of $10,000 in the local or state sales, property taxes or income.

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