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Education Bills For Voting In New Jersey Legislature

The New Jersey legislature will vote for the education bills which cover issues such as financial aid, to schools, School meal program access and workforce development on Thursday.

The New Jersey Senate and Assembly committees last week advanced some of the bills which came up for consideration.

Four bills were approved by the Senate Higher Education Committee to move to the Senate Budget and Appropriations Committee on 5th April.

The first bill is regarded workforce development and school readiness program for students from low–income background.

The second bill is aimed at relieving the students’ loan debt by directing the Higher Education Student Assistance Authority to launch an income-based repayment option and loan rehabilitation opportunity for borrowers.

The third bill includes a loan redemption program for teachers with state college loan debt working in failing school systems. The participant should be a resident of the State and a certified teacher first time employed at a failing school located in the Atlantic City area.

The fourth bill will amend laws which allow the incarcerated residents to receive grants and scholarships from the state.

The bill that will get presented today will establish a program that allows the public colleges in New Jersey to assist the veterans in continuing their higher education. Another bill will be amended to combat the absenteeism.

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