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Jones Is In Supports DACA, He Say It Is The Time For Roy Moore To ‘Move On’

Doug Jones the Alabama, Senator-elect gave qualified support Sunday to DACA. He showed his support for the program made for protections of young illegal immigrants and not using money of taxpayer for a U.S.-Mexico border wall, however, he suggested that he wants to wait until being taking oath in the next month before talking on such “complicated” issues.

Jones said in a TV interview, “In the Senate at the present time, the issue of immigration is one of the toughest political footballs. It will be complicated, if there is comprehensive immigration, but personally I would love to take a look at it.”

Despite saying that their form of comprehensive immigration is complicated, Jones said he is in support of Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals program of Obama-era, which Trump is expected to end in March, and that he “Believes to see it is extended.”

Earlier this month, Trump canceled a meeting in the White House with Pelosi and Schumer which was about the end-of-year legislation, giving a suggestion that they had prefixed that extending so-called “DACA” program protections had to be taken in.

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