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Massive Budget for Connecticut

The Congress made a cross – party agreement to approve the massive budget for Connecticut. This budget offers great spending capability to the federal state of Connecticut.

The new budget offers a big boost for the defense industry and the health care programs of the state. The budget also helps the schools in the state to educate the deported students from Puerto Rico.

The budget is expected to make defense spending $700 billion for this year and $716 billion for the next year. The Pentagon will be able to increase the number of F-35 they plan to buy this year to 90. The military will be able to increase the number of helicopters they are planning to buy from Sikorsky this year and next year.

Every congressional delegate of the State and all Democrats voted for the budget, which will boost the economy of Connecticut. According to Sen. Richard Blumenthal, Connecticut is going to benefit from the significant increase in military funds and non-military spending.

The rise in spending caps by about $300 billion is brought about by the agreement made in 2011 by the former U.S. President Barrack Obama and GOP leaders.

Though some GOP leaders opposed the deal, finally it was approved by a good margin in the House (240-186) and in the Senate (71-28). President Donald Trump also signed the deal.

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