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Murphy Asks Christie Appointed Staff to Resign

Some of the New Jersey Transit senior staff appointed by Governor Chris Christie’s will be facing the ax soon. The Governor-elect Phil Murphy has asked the senior staff to resign. The incoming Democratic administration has made it clear that Michael Drewniak, the former spokesperson of Christie and Jacqueline Halldow, the Christie communications aide, are among the nine employees who will be axed.

The spokesperson of Murphy, Dan Bryan, said that he cannot take the names of people who will have to resign. His office has sent the necessary letters to agencies spelling out the transition to Murphy’s administration. The employment matters have also been included in the communication. There are efforts to accommodate as many as people of the current staff.

The spokesperson of Christie did not respond this correspondence sent by Bryan. The NJ Transit employees too did not respond to the email sent. The mail asked for comments from them. Murphy is set to take over from Christie on January 16. Murphy criticized the NJ Transit operation by Republican Christie for some time. He even called it a national disgrace at the NJ Transit’s Secaucus Junction in December.

The NJ Transit leader, Santoro, has already sent his resignation.

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