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New York Property Company In Battle With Dulwich Hamlet Soccer Club

The Dulwich Hamlet Soccer Club Was founded in 1893. The soccer team from this part of the woods in South East London is a very tiny team. The legacy and history of this 125-year-old Football Club’s stadium might get extinct very soon.

A Multi-billion-dollar New York property company is looking to pull down the Champion Hill stadium of the Dulwich Hamlet Soccer Club. They want to build apartments in its place.

It has been issued and turmoil for Dulwich for the past few months. There is a standoff existing between the local government and the Meadow Residential, which is the London branch of the New York-based Meadow Partners. The club is the main reason for the standoff.

Meadow Partners has barred the club from using the Champion Hill stadium and this has irked the football fans in the region.

The Dulwich stadium is the property of Meadow Partners. It wants to build 155 Apartments on the site for $113 million. It will also be constructing a new stadium for the local fans next door.

The land that Meadow has earmarked for the stadium is a protected green space, according to Southwark Council. The company’s proposal is also blocked by the Council as it finds that the new homes it is looking to build are not falling into the affordable housing class.

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