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NJ Ban On Oil Trains A Big Worry


There was a rally held in New Jersey by the ‘Coalition to Ban Unsafe Oil Trains’ last month. This rally was organized to stop the movement of the crude oil using the private freight rail routes in the NJ state. There was a call to introduce a bill that would protect the communities living close to the rail line if any derailment or other mishaps happen.

There were only about two dozen activities who took part in the rally. This small number of protestors is not significant enough to threaten the authorities to think of a bill. There was a proposal by the former Governor Chris Christie to boost transparency to show their routes and contents online so that the general public can be kept aware of it. The supporters of the bill are not interested in this transparency.

They are worried about the movement of the commodities. They feel that there is a lack of support from the fire chiefs and the police officers in this regard.

There is no vocal support for this proposed bill as the people who need to have this information are already in the know-how of things. There is a close association between the state, federal, and local law enforcement. Even the first responders are working closely with the others.

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