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No VIP Entry For Former NJ Governor Christie At Newark Airport

he Former New Jersey Governor Chris Christie experienced the life of an ordinary citizen at the Newark airport a couple of weeks ago. He tried to cut across the TSA line at the airport. But, he did not get entry through the special entrance reserved for VIP guests, elected officials, and other dignitaries.

Christie arrived at the Terminal C of the Newark airport with his New Jersey police staff. He went to the entrance that was located close to the restricted area of the terminal. When Christie tried to use the special entrance, a Port Authority officer stopped him. The officer said to the former governor that he cannot use the special entrance anymore.

The special entrance that Christie used during his eight-year term as governor had ended just a few days ago. He is now a private citizen. The Port Officer escorted the former NJ governor to the regular passenger entrance. The former governor did not cause any commotion of sorts on being denied entry through the special entrance.


Christie tweeted after the incident that the drama that unfolded at the Newark airport was pure fiction. He said that he and his security guards were taken to the wrong entrance by the airport official. After this, he was directed to the regular entrance.

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