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Now Dozens Say They Were Molested By Dr. Nassar

The FBI investigation of the allegations by three teenage gymnasts that the sports doctor Lawrence G. Nassar had molested them is moving at a snail’s pace. It is more than one year since FBI started its inquiry. Now, as many as 40 girls and women have come up in support for the three teenagers. They have said that the doctor had molested them between July 2016 and September 2016. The allegations against the doctor are soaring and he is facing a lot of accusers now.

The three victims of the molestation of the respected sports doctors were world class gymnasts, with two of them being Olympic gold medalists. It took over a year for the agents to interview two of the younger victims. The victims and their families had to go through a lot due to the silence in the case.

The FBI is not ready to answer any questions pertaining to the delay and the slowness in the investigation of this case. What it did was the release a 112-word statement that sexual exploitation of children is a heinous crime. The safety and the well-being of the young people in the country is the topmost propriety of the FBI.

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