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Trump Signs Bill To Make Military Strong

The President of the United States, Mr. Donald Trump, signed a new bill that will raise the budget spending by billions of dollars. This new bill gives the federal government the license to open after small hiatus. The news of this new bill was announced by the President on his Twitter handle. He said that he had signed the bill to make the military of the U.S. even stronger than before. He said that everyone loves and needs military.

Trump decided to sign the new bill quickly after the bill got a final approval in the House last Friday. There was an objection to this bill by one Senator Rand Paul from Kentucky. He forced the government to close down for a while and also delayed the votes to support the bill.

The House Democrats had at one-point threatened to not pass this Bill. They said that the bill did not offer the protection needed for the immigrants without any documents. At the end, 73 House Democrats voted in favor of the Bill against 67 Republicans who voted against this bill.

Through this new bill, the government will add $30 billion funds for the military and non-military programs over a span of two years.

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