Best Christmas Gift in 2017: Hacking HoneyComb Robot Electronic Blocks

SHENZHEN GD – 12-17-2017 (Press Release Jet) —

I still remember the excitement of opening up presents on one particular Christmas years ago and discovering a Casio Piano that I had practically begged to Santa for! Browsing online, I came across HoneyComb’s Robot Electronic Blocks and wondered if these STEM-based blocks can bring that same kind of joy (and learning) to young children this Christmas season.  Our task was simple: my nieces and I were to assemble toys and gadgets from HoneyComb’s Robot Electronic Blocks kits. There are three different kits to build and explore: the basic kit, the music kit and the queen kit. 

The packaging for the music kit is unbelievably cool – even the full-color manual has a grungy steampunk-inspired storyline and illustrations leading the instructions. It was little complex for my 5 year old niece to follow the written blurbs but the illustrated directions were simple enough to get her started on assembling the speaker right away! Once we had fitted the speaker together, it was time to start snapping together the colorful and magnetic electronic blocks and make some sweet music. There was so much to pick up on while clicking and clacking the different blocks to create a working connection. 

The kids were applying logic programming thinking while using the ‘plug-n-play’ blocks without formally learning a single line of code! The music kit plays up to 16 different instruments but the fun part was setting up the alligator clips to the weirdest possible conducive objects – from jiggly jello molds to a banana! The girls were learning about conductive materials, from plants to the human body, and applying scientific concepts without the need of a textbook.  You can even hover your fingers over the sensors as if you are playing air drums or air guitar! You and your child can spend more time with the music kit to create your very own mp3 player- the sky’s the limit with the options for play with the music kit.

Word of caution- do not underestimate HoneyComb’s Basic Kit! We found it to be the most challenging and fun kit to explore.  We spent hours testing  various modules to create quirky gadgets and works of art. My nieces are huge Lego buffs, so when they discovered that HoneyComb’s Robot blocks can be integrated with their Lego sets, out came the big tub of blocks! We decided to light up their ‘King’s Castle’ Lego set with the light module and even recorded a mini-light show with three different settings. There is a fan module in the Basic kit, so my niece ripped up paper from the recycling bin, set up the fan and watched with sheer delight as ‘snow’ fell on their Lego kingdom!

For HoneyComb’s Queen kit I had to lug out my laptop as this one requires some basic drag-and-drop on-screen programming. In fact this feature was a lot like the basic coding program that is taught in elementary schools called Scratch. As the kits can be used together, we combined the Basic kit’s blocks with the Queen kit’s blocks to simulate a mini-balloon demolition of our own! After connecting the appropriate parts together to create a lever with a thumbtack at the end, my niece pieced together a code on the laptop that moved the lever exactly enough to pierce the balloon’s surface. Needless to say, there more than few balloons sacrificed and tons of giggles heard during this experiment!

While we had an amazing time with the basic kit, all of Honeycomb’s entire range of electronic building block kits make  amazing presents to gift young children on Christmas. The manuals are designed to encourage independent thinking and learning-through-experimentation – the very core of STEAM learning. Each kit can be built and rebuilt countless times by children (and adults)! Kids are only limited by the power of their imaginations when creating new gadgets and experiences with HoneyComb’s Robot Electronic Blocks. 

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