Buy-One Give-One Dollhouses Spark Imagination This Holiday Season

CHICAGO, Nov. 7, 2017 () — Hope Houses Workshop, Inc. builds dollhouses and treehouses that spark imagination and grow young minds for parents wanting the best for their child – while making a difference in another. For each dollhouse or treehouse purchased, another is given by agency partners to a child lacking the love of an intact family. 

“The family service agency partners thoughtfully match each gift dollhouse with a young life they are already transforming,” said Steve Lefko, Chief Hope Officer, Hope Houses Workshop. The certified Give Partners include; Hephzibah Children’s Association, Marillac St. Vincent Family Services and ChildServ.

The products include: 4 unique models, 100% Made in America, artisan houses, fully assembled & play-ready out of the box, with FREE Shipping. 

Climb ($349) – a treehouse offering an adventure play space with a treasure map, zoom down slide, ladder extending to a stargaze crow’s nest, a swing hanging from the branches and a companion storybook with the adventures of Zac and Sarah.

Joy ($349) – a traditional dollhouse. The perfect size and a sweet play space with a built-in kitchen, an open layout with an attic to explore and a bedroom for each family member and a companion storybook sharing the story of friendship between Jill and Joy. Available in 3 colors: Sunrise Yellow, Apple Red, Sea Breeze Blue.

Merry ($479) – a modern twist on an heirloom-quality Victorian. The detail is delightful and you will be dazzled upon entering through the working front door with fireplace, vaulted ceiling, custom artwork and chic dining room, and the darling flower trellis and flower pots are the perfect adornment for the exterior.

Wish ($199) – a classic saltbox has two stories and five rooms. This cozy home boasts an inviting front porch, built-in kitchen, dressers and stylish “wish” wall art. Available in Wishwash Blue.

JUST GIVE – BE A HERO ($219) – an option for anyone wanting to pour love into a child served by a Give Partner without receiving a Hope House for themselves. This is giving only; a Give Partner will place the gift of a Hope House with just the right child and an appreciation gift will be sent to the Hero making this purchase. The JUST GIVE option includes a play-ready dollhouse or treehouse with family, furniture and companion storybook. 

Growing minds don’t stop with play; children are inspired with an out-of-box booklet to transform household goods into accessories, furnishings or additions to their story so play continues through the seasons. For example; a how-to on transforming an old washcloth into a golden doodle puppy or a coffee creamer into a lamp. 

The developmental benefits of dollhouse play are proven and extensive. 

Several studies – one of the most prestigious (Pepler & Ross 1981) – demonstrated that children who experienced open, imaginative play were more innovative and flexible in their approach to solving problems. A study by Dr. Rachel E. White from Minnesota Children’s Museum states “pretend play is a leading factor in the development of a child.”

Hope House dollhouses and treehouses become this pretend play space where children act out their dreams and allow their imagination to do all of the work,” says Kim Lefko, CEO, Hope Houses Workshop. “The child hears their own voice, uses their own imagination and begins believing anything is possible. It’s a fun way to teach your kids the importance of unplugging while doing something wonderful for a child in need.”

ABOUT HOPE HOUSES WORKSHOP: Hope Houses Workshop Inc., headquartered in Berwyn, Ill., is the only mission-based, American-made manufacturer of fully assembled Dollhouses and Treehouses that spark imagination, develop young minds and pay it forward through the buy-one, give-one model. Visit to purchase. Become a fan, follow and share in the conversation @lovehopehouses (Instagram) and @HopeHousesWorskshop (Facebook). 

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Kim Lefko, Hope Houses Workshop Inc.
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