Exposing Unhealthy Thinking About How To Get Healthy, Greatist Launches Campaign To Help The 99 Percent

This program is aimed at exposing unhealthy thinking about how to get healthy, replacing it with confidence-boosting mantras. Greatist is encouraging consumers to stand with them as they say, “F*ck trying to be perfect. Just try.” There are more than twelve different social graphics that debunk unhealthy attitudes in the same honest, provocative, and humorous voice that has made Greatist so popular. Here’s how you can stand with Greatist and show your commitment to real health for the 99 percent:

  1. Visit
  2. Share one of the pre-designed mantras on social media using #HealthyForEveryBody
  3. Discover how healthier happens when you have the confidence to know healthy isn’t about trying to be perfect or following fads, it’s about trying.

Some of the mantras in the social graphics include:

  • Healthy: for yogis who (still) fall out of tree pose
  • Healthy: not just for fancy betches who drink matcha
  • Healthy: for people who still want dessert
  • Healthy: for runners who cross the finish line

“We ground everything we do in ideas that are accessible to real people—and we speak to millennial men and women like me who want to get healthy, but still have a life and friends,” said Derek Flanzraich, Founder and CEO of Greatist. “The idea is that health and fitness can be a part of living a better, longer life but doesn’t have to be the whole point.”

Greatist provides realistic, achievable ways to get “healthyish” across content categories including healthy cooking, exercise, and personal journeys. Greatist has approximately 40-thousand people using their chart-topping Facebook Bot, and early next year will be releasing an app dedicated to pairing up like-minded groups of people who share in a similar health journey.

About Greatist

Greatist is a rapidly growing, award-winning media company on a mission to give everyone a “healthyish” attitude. Founded by CEO Derek Flanzraich, Greatist publishes evidence-backed content with an authentic voice, establishing itself as a deeply trusted lifestyle authority for a loyal community of millions of millennials, empowering its readers, brand partners, and employees. Launched in 2011, Greatist is headquartered in New York City. 

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