FishyTale Digital brings Jackson Tse VP former Hasbro, Senior VP Pokémon onto the FishyTale’s advisory board.

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FishyTale Digital brings Jackson Tse VP former Hasbro, Senior VP Pokémon onto the FishyTale’s advisory board.



FishyTale is Announced today it will be to additional some senior talent to the team! Jackson Tse brings a lot of children gaming talent with his back ground in development of Magic The Gathering and Pokémon, game cards, and products. 


Eric Luttio the CEO of FishyTale is excited, to bring Jackson Tse on to the is an extremely successful Advisory board business man, FishyTale as part of the Advisory board.

FishyTale Digital interactive books with AR interactivity for worldwide distribution. FishyTale will be announcing a new 41 eBooks and Hard cover series by Author Steven Cosgrove, Bugg Books will be the first interactive reading game board village.  


Jackson Tse is semi-retired business executive with over 35 years of senior management experience in the field of branded consumer products and services, encompassing brand marketing and development of global brand communities, strategic planning, licensing, technology transfer, joint ventures and other types of strategic partnerships, merchandising for elite brands, contract manufacturing, of subsidiaries across national borders, relationship management and dispute resolution. 


Former Chairman, CPG Group; Sr. Vice President, ABI; Vice President, Hasbro/Wizards; 
Vice President, Wizards of the Coast; and Managing Director, USTech.

Jackson has been part of creating some of the most successful children’s products in the world

Magic The Gathering, A Strategy Game with Collectible Game Cards generated revenue of over $250 Million per year. Pokémon collectible cards and games, including video games is one of the most successful children’s products of all time generating billions of dollars worldwide.


Jackson will work with FishyTale Corporate international product brand and marketing strategies and tactics, International distribution especially as it relates to the Chinese and Asian Pacific markets.

Merchandising and sourcing, Corporate finance FishyTale is proud to introduce this new type of ebooks to the public, and bring a powerful reading platform to provide children a fun and intuitive way to express their creativity.

FishyTale’s mission is to fundamentally change the way children read and interact with content, creating vibrant, captivating experiences that enhance academic and social learning. Follow us for more, and be sure to check out our site at

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