DUBAI, UAE – 09-28-2017 (Press Release Jet) — Dilip Rahulan -founder of Pacific control systems Dubai cheated me for about 22 Million AED and flee the country  in May 2016 It was the biggest shock of my life to learn that Dilip Rahulan have run away to USA & defaulted on repayment of  1.4 Billion AED worth short and long  term borrowings  The assets on ground are less than 800 Million AED -more than 600 Million missing I have attached  five bank accounts and lots of assets of Pacific control systems as well Dilip Rahulan personal properties in Dubai I have won civil case against Pacific control systems and Criminal case against Dilip Rahulan  Thanks to good governance at Dubai Dilip Rahulan is sentenced to three years  jail and  an Interpol arrest warrant is issued against Dilip Rahulan  I  want to know what kind of KYC is performed at  WSO2/Inframon/Intel capital/Cisco capital/Toba capital/Axiata/ENSO ? All of them are aware about Dilip Rahulan fraud yet  they have done nothing tangible  How can companies like CISCO & Intel capital  share board  @WSO2 with criminal like Dilip Rahulan  ? Pacific control systems invested 20 Million dollars to  own 33pct of WSO2 and  an undisclosed amount in  Inframon .since Dilip Rahulan stole money from me in the name  Pacific control  systems – The investments  of Pacific control systems in WSO2 and Inframon is proceeds of crime . Reporting tgeft is my personal obligation and social responsibility 

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