New Self-Help Product Reminds People to Stop Dwelling on Their Past

ST JOHN’S, Fla., Nov. 7, 2017 () — Mother of two Jill Fontana was driving with her friend and discussing her interest in starting a new relationship. Fontana noted that she was frequently dwelling on her past bad relationships and she realized that past thinking was preventing her from moving forward. Fontana jokingly said to her friend, “Give me a little slap if I bring up my past.” After many laughs, the Past Slapper™ was born.

“Many people suffer from living and dwelling too much on their past and reliving the negative thoughts associated with bad decisions,” says Fontana. “Everyone needs a simple and safe reminder to move on from bad past experiences and try to live more in the present in a positive way. That’s why I created the Past Slapper.”

According to Fontana, the Past Slapper is an 18″ high, soft-foam hand that provides a humorous, gentle and instant reminder for people to help them stop past thinking. When Fontana first researched past thinking resources online, she quickly noticed there were no physical products to offer some help in dealing with the issue. After creating a prototype of the Past Slapper™, Fontana built an e-commerce site and secured a US manufacturer to supply the product inventory in time for the holiday shopping season.

“The Past Slapper™ is a perfect holiday gift for under $15 that offers a funny conversation starter that people will remember and appreciate,” says Fontana. “People laugh at first when they see or hear about the Past Slapper, but then they realize how effective this product could be for themselves, their friends, business colleagues and especially family members during holiday get-togethers.”

Fontana believes the holiday season is the perfect time to introduce the Past Slapper as more people are looking for innovative and creative gifts that offer some unique appeal and value. “With the Past Slapper,” says Fontana, “you get to something funny, memorable that also offers value as my goal is that this new product offers a safe and healthy way for people to find more happiness in their lives.”

The Past Slapper™ retails online for $14.95 and includes free shipping anywhere in the U.S. To learn more or purchase the Past Slapper™ visit

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