Press Release Jet to Accept Bitcoin: The World’s 1st Press Release Distribution Company to Accept Cryptocurrency

LAS VEGAS, NV – 07-29-2017 (Press Release Jet) — Press Release Jet sets sights on alternative payments by preparing Bitcoin integration.

Bitcoin is growing at an ever-increasing pace. 80,900,000+ adults, about one quarter the population, in the United States know about Bitcoin. A similar percentage believe digital currencies are the future of spending on-line. This means, Bitcoin as the leading digital cryptocurrency, is poised to change the way money is transferred between parties over the Internet. At the forefront of this new transfer of value is Press Release Jet, the first major press release distribution company to take this stance concerning Bitcoin payments.

“Currently, there is only one other PR service that I am aware of that accepts Bitcoin but they are more of a PR agency than an actual distribution platform and they are just a reseller of one of our competitors whom funny enough is a reseller of another competitor. As far as real press release distribution companies go, we are the first in the world to accept Bitcoin.” – CEO of Press Release Jet.

Press Release Jet handles the full spectrum of press releases. From professional press release writing to distribution of your press release to hundreds of news outlets such as ABC, NBC, CBS, Fox, CW, and affiliates thereof. Clients can even use targeted media distribution, guaranteeing the press release goes to interested media outlets.

Press Release Jet offers many resources that are free including a Press Release Checklist, proper press release formatting tips, and of course, a wealth of topics covering all facets of press releases and distribution.

Currently there are no other press release distribution services that accept Bitcoin payments. The steps to accept Bitcoin by Press Release Jet have already been taken. By accepting Bitcoin, Press Release Jet will open their services up to a whole new demographic that up till now has been completely ignored by PR companies. Monthly press release distribution and annual plans, with bulk pricing, are available for customers who wish to stretch their dollar further.

Take your announcement farther with Press Release Jet.

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