PR Offers Dentist-Grade Teeth Whitening at Big Savings

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Why should you pay $650 or more to sit in a dentist’s chair, when you can put your feet up at home and get your teeth just as bright? announced today that it is launching a new direct-to-consumer delivery service for dentist-grade teeth whitening kits at up to 50% less than the cost of major brand whitening tape strips.

This new and innovative subscription service means that people who want to brighten their smiles won’t be forced to deal with drugstore security devices or store alarm systems–or gimmicky and ineffective online products.

“Over-the-counter teeth whitening tape strips are over-priced and painful to buy. We want to help people avoid the hassle of in-store purchases and the insane, ineffective, and often unsafe ‘one weird trick’ teeth whitening gimmicks they’re inundated with on the web.” said Patrick Quinn, CEO of delivers a premium kit with made-in-the-USA, dentist-grade whitening gel, easy-to-use customizable molds, desensitizing gel to prevent any sensitivity issues, and a convenient storage case–all for about half the cost of over-priced, locked-up, drugstore kits. Members can elect to receive refresher kits delivered to their homes on a schedule that fits their needs and at significant discounts. Single stand-alone kits are also available for purchase.

“The method used by our kits has been scientifically proven to whiten teeth dramatically, quickly and safely,” said Quinn. “It’s essentially the same method that many dentists use–create a custom mold and use powerful whitening gel to get lightning fast results. And why would anyone pay a dentist $650 or more to whiten their teeth when they can put their feet up in the comfort of their own home and get their teeth just as bright, for about 5% of the cost?” said Quinn. says skip the abrasive charcoal powders, the silly coconut oil swishing, the LED lights that don’t do anything, and all of the other ‘one weird trick’ nonsense, and go with whitening your teeth using the same basic method that dentists use. And save some serious cash, too.

Membership is free, and teeth whitening kits are available for purchase now by visiting Full pricing and delivery information is available on the website.

About: is an online membership service that delivers professional quality, dentist-grade teeth whitening kits direct to consumers, at great prices. Their motto is ‘No Weird Tricks.’

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