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Robotics, coding, and programming are here to stay. It’s all about evoking curiosity in your child who is naturally born with the ability to challenge status quo and look for answers. With many schools now introducing STEM Education (Science – Technology – Engineering – Mathematics) into their school curriculum, your kid is exposed to great technological feats. At Honey Combs, we believe in the promotion of a philosophy of STEAM, that includes the Arts in addition to the other components. 


The Music Kit

Who is it designed for?

It’s ideal for children over the age of 5 years.


This can transform into a Body Drum, Stair Piano, and a Fruit Piano.


The three blocks of Honey  Comb music kit is universal. It allows the user to transform any conducive object to a musical instrument. It allows 16 instruments with percussion and strings. You can even plug external speakers to the unit.


The Basic Kit

Who is it designed for?

The Basic Kit is recommended for children over age of 8 years


This is transformed into a Bubble Machine, Lighting machine, and Remote Car Machine.




Honey Comb’s philosophy is to allow children to dream and pursue them; it also assists in evoking the cognitive aspect of a child’s development. The Basic Kits, in general, allow children to re-engineer your smart homes, building a robot car and also an automated water system.


Achieving Different Cases

This is done by the ‘Photosensitive Assembly’, a component that is used in the input that is being controlled by induced lighting that can help in achieving the different types of casing.


How do Reverse Components Work?

This is the component that controls the original settings that manipulate the original settings to be revered. This is an interesting component that is a part of the Basic Kits of Honey Comb. This includes the LED Components that are available with the Honey Comb basic kits; you will never have to worry about monotonous nights. The LED lighting can be connected to an external component that allows three different designs to make your nights far more interesting!


Using the Basic Kits

One of the best advantages of having the Basic Kits from Honey Comb is that it allows you to connect it with LEGO. This versatility is the basis where users would be able to make different models and take maximum advantage of the individual components.

The Queen Kit

Who is it designed for?

This is perfect for children over the age of 12 years



For Programming Expressions, Angry Birds, and a D M Game Design (Dot Matrix).



The Queen Kit allows children to program  graphical elements; the main element of this is that the user will input the conditions that are visible on the exterior.



Learning through Honey Comb

This 3 kit combination electronic blocks by Honeycomb are the new ways of teaching techniques for children. They allow interactive working, learning away from screens, using logic, and building components without an engineering background. If you’re looking for the ideal gift for your children this Christmas, make a stop at the CES show to say hello to us. Also look out for the Crowd Funding offer for INDIEGOGO next month. Honeycombs were awarded the prestigious Red Dot Award for its brilliant innovations in 2017.


Introduction about Honeycomb kits:Shenzhen innovation technology ltd.Co.,based tech startup,founded by group of hardware geeks who are passionate about letting children enjoy their own STEM/STEAM education. Since 2013, we have been on a mission to create next-generation educational kits, driven by STEM EDUCATION solutions. Our products are popular in the toys and consumer electronics market.


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