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JERSEY CITY, NJ – 10-03-2017 (Press Release Jet) — Most people think that peer pressure only effects teenagers but anyone no matter the age can be affected by peer pressure. What could be said about the book “Lessons Learned?” This story goes in depth about how peer pressure effects relationships, alcohol and drug abuse. What makes this story different is that it is not just one story but there are four stories. Each character’s story reflects back to their teenage years to their present. All of the character’s stories are unique and relatable.

Joy is a single woman in her late twenties and is a virgin who was pressured throughout her life to have sex. She reflects back to all of the guys that she was involved with during her teen years to adulthood. Her experiences are unlike anything that you have heard but they teach you a lesson, hence the title “Lessons Learned.” Spencer was in his early thirties who was pressured to substance abuse. He was an all-star athlete in high school and he was on his way until something happened that changed his life forever. Faith is in her mid twenties and she is an alcoholic. She had a tough life; her mother gave her up when she was 13 years old. Her mother was a party person and she was an alcoholic as well and Faith wanted more for herself but temptation and peer pressure leads her to turn to alcohol. Clarence is in his late twenties he is in medical school. Throughout his life he has been pressured into having sex because it is rare for a guy to be a virgin after a certain age.  

“Lessons Learned” is a book made for both teens and adults. It is both entertaining and can teach you a lesson at the same time. This is the third book written by the talented author Jessica Baggett. You can visit her website

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