XMoneta Announces World’s First Decentralized Social Messenger and Early Token Sales

Based on the advancement in terms of price and market share, XMoneta Inc. releases its own tokens which enable users to buy goods and book services, use messenger services, as well as hold and trade money in an entirely secure and tax-free manner.

LOS ANGELES, CA – 01-08-2018 (Press Release Jet) — XMoneta announces release of the world’s first decentralized and encrypted messenger, which serves a multitude of purposes while being extremely secure and void of regular taxation and ads. By making use of the decentralized system, every user who acquires XMoneta (XMN) tokens becomes a holder of the system, thus eliminating the need for hosting, banks and third-party sponsorships. The token sale will accept Ethereum (ETH), everything being done via a smart contract.

“With XMoneta, everything becomes incredibly simple and straightforward. It’s just like a normal messenger app, but with multiple added benefits”, Linda Pirvite declared.

XMoneta social messenger enables users to communicate via chat, voice and video call features. In addition, it serves as a digital wallet and trading platform. The social messenger facilitates transactions between business partners and normal users, enabling users to further extend their reach and investment opportunities. Various goods and services can also be purchased via the social messenger.

XMoneta follows the pattern of popular crypto-currencies such as Ethereum (ETH) and Bitcoin (BTC), while adding the novelty of a social messenger and trading app which can be used on any mobile and desktop platform. Users are able to purchase XMN tokens which will increase in value as time passes by. A similar has been followed by creators of ETH, BTC and LTC tokens, which faced a staggering growth and brought significant revenue to investors.

CEO of XMoneta, Aivis Reinbergs, believes that the newly announces tokens will gain steady value right from the first month of release. “Crypto-currencies such as Bitcoin and Ethereum have increased in value with even 600% in one month, and the same trend is followed by newly released assets. XMoneta tokens will definitely be appreciated on the market and increase in value from the first month. Moreover, we want to reward the trust of our investors with a bonus ranging from 10% up to 50% for early token reservations”, Reinbergs said.  

XMoneta social messenger aims to simplify business relationships while also enabling investors to diversify their portfolio and gain access to a new token which is expected to benefit from steady growth in 2018. XMoneta Tokens will be officially available for retail from 25 January, 2018, but people who reserve tokens earlier, from 3 January up to 24 January, will benefit from an “Early Starter Bonus” consisting of up to 50% extra tokens.

About XMoneta Inc.

XMoneta is a Latvia-based company which created the first decentralized and encrypted social messenger intended for business users, investors, and people embracing the use of new blockchain technology.  The social messenger is very straightforward to use while also serving as a trading platform and digital wallet for different currencies. More details can be found on the official website, and on the whitepaper .

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