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New Accessory Of Nintendo Launched – It Look Like An Adorable Puppy

Nintendo has launched its switch controller accessory, when Nintendo unveiled the Switch for the first time, the unconventional Joy-Con Grip attachment of console drew comparisons to a face of puppy immediately and that is all because of the way its controller grips hung to the sides like ears of puppies. After this, Hyperkin is releasing a fresh accessory for the system which will turn those comparisons into reality.

The Pupper Controller Attachment (PCA), as it is called, is scheduled to get released on next week. The name of product straightforwardly tells that it’s designed to resemble the face of a puppy. The accessory will come with three different mouth stickers. These stickers could be placed in the grip center.

The attachment Pupper charges your Joy-Cons also when they are inserted into the grip, and this is something the standard Joy-Con gripe doesn’t do. Nintendo sells Joy-Con Charging Grip separately for $30. The Pupper features battery status indicator, a rechargeable battery and it is also USB Type-C compatible.

Buyers can purchase the Pupper Controller Attachment (PCA) on Amazon. The pre-orders for these are not available yet, but the accessory is scheduled to be listed to release on 21st December.

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