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Salford Pushing To Play Super League Match In NJ

Salford is making all attempts to be the next New Jersey-based side that will enter the Rugby Football League. They are pestering the association behind the bid to bring out a New Jersey team in the football league.

The chief executive of Salford, Ian Blease, said that he has been in talks with the association for a place in the rugby football league since November. He said that they are still talking with the consortium. They want to play at least the home game in the US in 2018.

The Chief executive of Salford said that they have the Catalans Dragons on their side. They want to host a match against them in New Jersey at the Red Bull Arena. They had planned on the international window. This is a good way by which they can take the Rugby League to a totally new area like New York.

He is hopeful that this plan will happen down the line. He has the backing of the Catalans and feels that this one game can change the thought about rugby league in a big city.

There was a deal that was agreed upon by all parties of hosting the game on the same weekend when England will be playing New Zealand in Denver. But, this plan will be going nowhere after the opposition from RFL and the Super League Clubs.

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