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Takahashi Says The Switch Is “On The Road To Success”

Yoshiaki Koizumi of Nintendo and Shinya Takahashi sat down with Engadget recently to discuss the Nintendo Switch, and exclusively with regards to the Joy-Con controllers of the console.

In the interview, Koizumi said that they are currently researching many interesting and different ideas that the Joy-Cons can take benefit of. In the meantime, Takahashi had some things to say in the perspective of the success of the console as a whole. Takahashi doesn’t feel that the Switch is a success at the present time, the reason for the same is he feels that there are many people exist who still haven’t been able to enjoy experiences which only the Switch can deliver.

Takahashi says that “I believe that it is too soon to talk about success. Instead, I feel we are still on the road to that success”.

Here is what Takahashi and Koizumi said:

Koizumi: “Exciting hardware feature of the Nintendo Switch is the fact that the controllers can be separated. This adds lots of new forms of play possible.

Takahashi: “You start playing quickly with another person without the matter where you are. This had made a big difference in what we thought of the experiences in 1-2-Switch.”

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