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What Is In Store For New Jersey Devils At NHL Playoffs?

The New Jersey Devils are playing the Tampa Bay Lightning in the playoff games for the 2018 NHL Stanley Cup. This is the first time that the New Jersey team has made it to the NHL playoffs in 6 years.

There are a lot of debates doing the rounds among fans, broadcasters, bloggers, and analysts on how the Devils will be performing during the playoffs. All are big games for the Devils in the playoffs. They played two playoff games against the Tampa Bay Lightning so far and have lost both.

Many say that the lack of experience of playing in the Stanley Cup playoffs will haunt the Devils team. There are only two players in the team who have had the experience of playing in the playoffs. They are Andy Greene and Travis Zajac. The Tampa Bay players have many playoff experienced players in their ranks.

There are others who feel that the playoff experience is not the only factor that will help a team to succeed in winning the competition. The players need to have more focus on the game. They should not think ahead of themselves when they are in good positions. Too many mistakes from the Devils team members is one of the main reasons why they have lost against the Lightning in the playoff games held so far.

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