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Head To Head Survey: Spectrum Brands (SPB) And GrafTech International (GTI)

Spectrum Brands (NYSE: SPB) and GrafTech International (NYSE: GTI) are two giant companies and both are consumer staples companies, but the question which is the better business? Here, we will compare the both companies based on their earning strength, valuation, institutional ownership, risk, dividends, analyst recommendations and profitability.

In 12 factors that were taken for the comparison, Spectrum Brands have defeated GrafTech International on the comparison chart.

The table is here that compares GrafTech International and Spectrum Brands return on equity, return on assets and net margins.

The Net Margins for Spectrum Brands 5.91%, while the Return on Equity for Spectrum Brands is 17.48%, Return on Assets for Spectrum Brands is 4.40%

In case of GrafTech International, the Net Margins Is -13.82%, Return on Equity is -9.99% and Return on Assets is -5.32%

Complete information about the comparison can be accessed over the internet. Here, we share the summary of the outcome of comparative.

Spectrum Brands at present has a consensus target price of $137.25, which indicate the potential upside of 23.89, that gives Spectrum Brands’ higher probable upside, and the equity research analysts believe it clearly that Spectrum Brands are more favorable than the GrafTech International.

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