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New Jersey Makes Net Neutrality Mandatory

The New Jersey Governor Phil Murphy has signed an executive order which makes the ISPs to follow net neutrality rules as mandatory.

Last month Federal Communications Commission voted to restore the dual-party operation to protect the internet freedom. This move allowed the ISPs to adjust and regulate themselves. But, some states are coming up with new legislation to ensure the safety.

The ISPs in New Jersey will have to follow the rules imposed by the state to do the business with the state agencies. With the new executive order, New Jersey will be the third state in the country to implement own rules for net neutrality.

The executive order of New Jersey prevents ISPs from throttling or building fast lanes for online traffic or services. An exception will be given to certain reasonable network management provided they disclose it to the customer.

Governor Murphy said that though he does not agree with many contents online, it is not a proper reason to block the flow of the information on the net. This gives some individuals and the companies the way to reach the front line.

According to the governor, the state cannot unilaterally make net neutrality law or make it as a state rule. He added that they want to exercise the power as a consumer and make the preferences known.

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