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New Jersey Police Spends $850,000 on Harris Corp. Stingray Devices

There is news that around $850,000 was spent by the New Jersey State Police on the stingray devices. They were purchased from Harris Corp. There are no details given on what they intend to do with the stingray devices in the over 100 pages of invoices and documents submitted. These documents were submitted to NBC10 on their request.

Jeanne LoCicero, the ACLU deputy legal director, has asked for a copy of the documents that the NBC10 got. He got the same response that was given to NBC10. There was no mention about how the police will be using the technology to their advantage.

LoCicero said that he was very disappointed with the response of the New Jersey State Police. The New Jersey people need to know how the stingray devices will be of use to them. These devices were developed to help the sweeping operations of the military. This is now going to be used in New Jersey and the public needed to know how they will be used in the state.

The lack of transparency from the New Jersey State Police on the stingray device is not an uncommon one. They have done the same at the federal and local levels.

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