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New York Coming Out With New Cyber Regulations

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The cyber attacks in New York are becoming a routine affair now. There is nothing much happening in New York from the federal government side. This is why New York has decided to take up the cyber issues on its head. It has decided to come out with new cyber regulations to keep the fraudsters at bay.

The Wall Street financial system is always under the threat from cybercriminals. This is why New York is looking to come out with new regulations to prevent any major cyber attack on its soil.

The New York Governor Andrew Cuomo had announced in 2016 that the New York State Department of Financial Services (NYDFS) was moving to protect the financial services industry of the state through a new set of cyber security regulations. This was a kind of cyber security that was not attempted in any other state or the federal agency in the U.S.

The financial regulator of New York, Maria Vullo, said that her first priority is to protect the New Yorkers who are buying banking, insurance and doing financial transactions online. They need to be protected as they furnish all personal information when doing internet transactions. The NYDFS cyber rules are in place and the cyber consultants feel that the rules are moving in the right direction.

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