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New York To Develop Infrastructure For The 21st Century

There is no doubt about the great architecture and landmark buildings that New York City possesses. The Brooklyn Bridge, the Empire State building, the Lincoln tunnel, etc., all are wonderful and marvelous landmarks that talks a lot about the New York’s infrastructure engineering and planning.

There is a totally different meaning and picture given to the New York’s infrastructure of the 21st century. It is the day and age of digital economy. There is no way the movement of products can be measured now like before. These are all now available as bits and bytes that move from the data centers to the various connected devices.

There are more than Fortune 500 companies in the New York State, but it is not a leader when it comes to startups. Even though New York is the home of technology and has some of the largest and the richest companies operating, it lacks in the startups.

There is an exit environment in New York at present. The depth of the city’s ecosystem is now in the hands of the startups that are turning out to be market leaders. Some of them are Datadog, Greenhouse, WeWork, AppNexus, Zeta Global, etc. The city now does not rely on just one company any more to support the NYC ecosystem.

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