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Which Are The Safest Hospitals In New Jersey?

The latest national survey of the best hospitals in New Jersey revealed that there are only a very few hospitals that have an A for patient care. This is a really alarming situation in the New Jersey hospitals as their ranking fell from 11th to the 17th position for the methods used to prevent falls, infections and also harmful mistakes.

There are 65 hospitals in New Jersey and only 22 of them earned the A ranking for patient care. During the October survey, there were 30 hospitals that qualified for the A ranking. There has been a decrease of 8 hospitals falling out of the A ranking in just 5 months.

The top-ranked cities in the US with A ranking were Hawaii, Massachusetts, Rhode Island, Idaho, and Virginia. The places like Alaska, Delaware, and North Dakota did not earn an A ranking for any of their hospitals.

The survey by Leapfrog Hospital Safety Grades is conducted twice every year. It was developed after the report by the Institute of medicine that hospital errors accounted for the lives of 98,000 patients in a year. This report card from Leapfrog is now considered to be a useful tool to let know the public and the hospitals about the improvements needed in a hospital.

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