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New York Intensifies Road Blockage for Bikes after Attack

Authorities in New York started intensifying the security in the city after a Terrorist attack, in a strong effort to prevent future occurrences. Some concrete blocks are being placed along the Hudson River Park.

The attack on Tuesday has necessitated this. Sayfullo Saipov, the culprit behind the incidence, was said to have been seen driving a rental truck along a narrow bikeway. It happened that there wasn’t space enough for him and 20 other people sharing the same road with him. Unfortunately, 8 out of them lost their lives while the rest sustained injuries.

According to Ben Sarle, a representative for Mayor Bill de Blasio, the concrete barriers will be placed strategically at positions that will forestall any possibility of having a similar threat. Those that will be involved include the City Department of Transportation and the State Department of Transportation.

Jennifer K. Post, a member of the state Transportation Department, revealed that the work started on Thursday morning. As they keep doing the work, they will know if it is appropriate to change what is already on the plan, she said.

However, many people who use this road have expressed their grievances. Although they like the gesture, the road users think that more space should be allowed to accommodate cyclists and pedestrians.

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