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The Defiant Run – New York Takes to the Street After Terror Attacks

Five days after the terror strike in New York that claimed the life of 5 people – the annual New York Marathon was held.  This paradigm shift in the day didn’t deter the 50,000 people who showed their defiance and took to the streets after the terror attacks for participating in the run. Along with them, spectators cheered them on along their path to glory.

The security measures

All of New York’s finest were deployed wearing their fatigue gear all along the track. There were dumpers with sand, which were blocking the by lanes giving the participants a clean run. Helicopters circled the lanes so that there was no untoward activity that would stop the run after the terror strike.

Living out their lives

By running in the New York Marathon the people of New York have shown heart. They came out in large numbers both as participants and spectators with signs showing their defiance in the wake of the rather fresh terror strike in the city. This act has shown the indomitable spirit of the people of New York. As the trees full in autumn lined their finish line in Central Park, the participants felt proud of completing the feat.

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