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Voters Of New Jersey To Decide On Environmental Settlements

Voters in New Jersey region will decide whether they want to use the money from natural resources lawsuits for environmental cleanup activities that include repair, restore and preserve the natural resources. Recently, the Christie administration settled the lawsuit for $225 million with ExxonMobil in a litigation that involved petrol plants and gas stations in Bayonne and other regions.

The election is to be held on Tuesday and lawmakers are of the opinion that this will provide a constitutional amendment for the funds to be used in an appropriate way. According to the existing law, the damages from natural resource lawsuits of up to $50 million will go towards the cleanup activities on the site. Other than that, some of the funds also go towards the fees of the attorneys.

The efforts of the local administration to extract money from polluters are showing positive results and it had recently completed a $190 million settlement with Occidental Chemical Corp in 2014.

The Department of Environmental Protection mentioned that as many as nine cases are pending for appeal and settlement in this year and there is a potential to collect over $240 million in lawsuits pertaining to the environmental damages.

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