Trump Slams San Juan Mayor

President Donald Trump today claimed that San Juan Mayor Carmen Yulin Cruz and others in Puerto Rico want “everything done for them” in the emergency created by Hurricane Maria .

Defending criticism of the slow pace of military mobilization and the delivery of supplies, President Trump said there is “bad leadership” from the mayor and others who “are not able to help their workers . ”

” They want everything done for them, when it must be done by a community effort. There are 10,000 federal workers now on the island doing a fantastic job, “he said, in three tweets he posted this morning.

In her own tweet, Mayor Cruz issued a generic reply. It stated that “the goal is only one: saving lives, this is the time to demonstrate that we are done. We can not be distracted by anything else.”

The US president, meanwhile, said the mayor had praised her work a few days ago, “but now the Democrats have told her she must be unfriendly to Trump.” A few days ago, Cruz thanked FEMA for the work. But, on Friday he considered that the process of delivery of supplies does not advance.

Mayor Cruz raised alarm yesterday that the delivery of basic supplies – such as water and food – has not worked and that “there is thirst, hunger and despair” in Puerto Rico 10 days after the hurricane hit, which collapsed the electricity system, has left a large part of the population without water service and still maintains incommunicado communities of the Island.

Gen. Jeffrey Buchanan, new head of military operations in Puerto Rico, has acknowledged that troops on the island – about 4,600 – are not enough to handle the emergency.

In a message to the Manufacturers Association yesterday, Trump said that “we are coordinating very closely with the territorial and local governments, which totally, and unfortunately, can not handle this crisiscatastrófica by itself”.

Trump, who has seen San Juan on Tuesday, has also expressed concern about the cost of the emergency operation and the future of Puerto Rico’s public debt.

Today he plans to telephone – from his golf course – to Governor Ricardo Rosselló and to the Washington-based commissioner , Jenniffer González , who have thanked him for his support.

Rosselló reaffirmed yesterday, however, that more needs to be done.

The Pentagon has indicated that it will strengthen its military presence in the coming days with the arrival of 100 trucks for the distribution of gasoline and, next week, the hospital ship USNS Comfort.

Mayors have warned that the rescue work of the first few days after Hurricane Maria rested on the shoulders of state and municipal emergency workers. And on television, in those days, Mayor Cruz was seen flooding communities in search of victims.

In his new tweets, Trump also accused the “false” news networks of questioning the work of first aid officials, as part of the debate on the federal response to the catastrophe in Puerto Rico.

At the same time, he indicated that his trip to the Virgin Islands is not confirmed, but that he would like to visit that territory as well. In the Virgin Islands tuit, Trump indicated that there are “people working hard”.

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