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Bill To Increase Salaries For Judges Up For Voting

The bill to increase the salaries of judges, prosecutors, cabinet officials, and other top legislative officers in New Jersey will be presented for final voting in the State Assembly and Senate.

The move was a part of the proposal to allow former Governor Chris Christie to cash in on a book deal during his tenure. The bill could have ended the need to publish the legal notices in newspapers.

The bill no longer is connected with the book deal. The new bill is sponsored by prominent lawmakers in the state and the Senate President, Steve Sweeney and Assembly Speaker, Craig Coughlin and has moved through the legislature easily.

The cabinet officials of the governor have not received any raise in their salary from 2002. The bill will raise the salary by $34,000.  The annual salary will be hiked from $141,000 to $175,000.

The salary hike will also be applicable to the top aides of the President, speaker, and the minority leaders. However, there will not be any salary raise for the legislative aides at the lower level in the district offices.

The judges and prosecutors in the country will get a $24,000 increase in a three-year period. The clerks and sheriffs also receive a pay rise by this bill.

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