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Black Bear Wandering In NJ Towns Finally Tranquilized

A free roaming black bear around the residential areas of New Jersey created a lot of panic among some residents and also kept the animal control officials on their toes.

It was a one-and-a-half-year-old male bear. The animal control crew had to spend some time to get it tranquilized. It was sitting on top of a low tree branch in the Ridgewood area. It was very close to a home. The crew somehow managed to tranquilize the bear and later caught it in a net.

The bear was first spotted on Monday and it took over 24 hours of struggle by the animal control department to get the bear. It was seen near the baseball field of a school on Monday. It was also seen napping on a tree in the Paramus area. The authorities waited for a long time for the bear to come down from the tree.

Carol Tyler, an animal control worker, said that the bear’s age shows that its mother would have let it out. But, the bear might not be strong and wily enough to have its own area. The crew feels that the bear would have entered the residential area after getting the smell of foodstuff.

The bear would be moved to the western New Jersey near the Delaware Water Gap.

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