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New York – The Ideal City For The World’s Wealthy People

The world’s wealthy people love to stay in New York City. The Knight Frank City Wealth Index has conducted a survey and has come out with a new report stating that many affluent families want to stay and also invest their money in New York.

The rich people are of the opinion that New York is the first city in the world that appeals to them. London and San Francisco follow the New York City. The ranking was based on important factors like lifestyle, investment, wealth, and the future.

The New York City was a maximum number of affluent people. As many as 1.1 million houses in the New York City have family members earning more than $250,000 a year. The affluent people love to invest in New York real estate and other assets rather than in any other countries.

The rich people believe that New York will be enjoying the highest GDP growth, and then any is a city in the world. They feel that it will touch the highest GDP growth among the world’s cities by 2022. New York City is the hot favorite for comparisons made on wealth, future, investment and lifestyle.

There are about 10 North American cities on the list of top 20 cities where rich people love to settle down.

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