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Van Driver Ploughs 9 People To Death In Toronto

A Toronto van driver created a huge carnage on the busy Monday afternoon. It was the lunchtime hour in Toronto and the road was busy with pedestrians. A van driver in a rented Ryder van went berserk and first ran over a pedestrian who was crossing the street.
After hitting the pedestrian, the van driver moved onto the sidewalk and plowed on the people on the sidewalk with no intention to stop. The eyewitnesses were shocked and aghast to see such an incident unfold in front of their eyes. One witness Ali said that the van driver was hitting the people one by one and it was a sight that he hasn’t seen before.
At the end of all this commotion, at least 10 people had lost their lives and 15 people had suffered from injuries. The van driver was 25-year-old Alek Minassian and he refused to surrender at first.
Toronto’s police chief Mark Saunders said that the act by the driver was an intentional one and said that the incident was not an act of terrorism. The officers asked him to get down or he will be shot as soon as he got out of the van after causing carnage.
The driver is now under arrest and the Canadian police are questioning him to find out the motive behind the deadly van attack.

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