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Water Line Management Is Poor In New Jersey

There is a growing concern among many about the poor water infrastructure in New Jersey. The Atlantic City Municipal Utilities Authority had to deal with as many as 12 breakups in the water line last Friday. The break in the water lines meant that drinking water was flowing over the streets. This meant that customers living in the area might face water connection cuts.

This is a growing trend in New Jersey. The water connections are still getting fixed. This is due to aging and poor water infrastructure. There are many water systems in New Jersey that are beyond its life expectancy. They are victims of underfunding. This is why there are many water and sewer main breaks seen so frequently.

Larry Levine, the water program attorney at the Natural Resources Defense Council, said that the New Jersey water team needs to take this as a challenge. It is time for the New Jersey to solve these issues and show to other states how to solve water main line break issues.

A report by the American Society of Civil Engineers said that America lacks the funds to replace or carry out repairs to the aging water systems. There are over 1 million-mile pipes laid all over the US. They were laid over 75 to 100 years back.

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