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Emergency Alerts through Cable TV Startles New Jersians

The customers of cable television in New Jersey were in for some rough weather when they watched TV programs last Thursday. The entertainment was interrupted every now and then by an emergency alert that turned out to be a false alarm.

The location where the proposed emergency alarm bells were ringing was Morris County. Multiple channels showed “Morris” during the programs without any instruction or description of the emergency. This was viewed by the Optimum cable TV users during the late morning and early afternoon.

Lindsey Angioletti, the Altice USA/Optimum spokesperson, apologized for this confusion that Morris County cable TV viewers experienced. It was due to a routine emergency alert system test in the county. The technical team is working on this problem to make sure that such incidents will not occur in the future.

This incident has happened five days after Hawaiian residents were warned of incoming ballistic missiles on their mobile devices as alerts. Some of the Morris County residents got rid of the alert messages by turning their cable boxes off and then switching it on again. But, the blue screen alerts did show up again after some time.

After the initial investigation, Morris County used social media to announce to their residents that there was no threat or danger.

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