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NJ Might Face Freezing Weather Before The Weather Change

The warmer weather is all set to engulf New Jersey. But, just before its arrival, New Jersey will see freezing rain. There is also a chance for black ice. This will be the last bit of ice and rain before the warmer weather sets in.

There has been a weather advisory issued by the National Weather Service for the counties of Passaic, Warren, and Sussex. The reports say that the roads will be slippery due to the rain and also ice could accumulate on the roads.

Some of the schools that fall in the area have announced that they will be opening the school at a later time than the normal time. Everyone in the area was asked to be extremely cautious when going out in the morning.

As the day progresses, the sky will turn partly sunny all over the state. The afternoon temperatures will be in the mid-40s or the low 50s. There are also chances for the fog to set in at the overnight hours. They will keep the temperatures in the low 40s or the upper 30s. Friday will see the mild weather in New Jersey and temperatures will rise to the mid-60s. The day will remain dry with nights facing a bit of rain.

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