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Springsteen Makes Sudden Appearance At New Jersey Hall Of Fame

Bruce Springsteen took the new inductees and attendees by storm when he made a surprise appearance at the New Jersey Hall of Fame. He had appeared to escort his dear old friend and guitarist Steven Van Zandt in the NJ Hall of Fame.

The veteran musician came to the Asbury Park’s Convention Hall for introducing his friend. Springsteen was inducted into the New Jersey Hall of Fame about 10 years back.

The two friends joined hands and sang “I Don’t Want to Go Home”. They traded vocals and enthralled the new inductees with this song. There were many family members of the new inductees as well with the audience. They called upon all the inductees and their family members to close the show.

Van Zandt is part of Springsteen’s E Street Band. Van Zandt was happy to perform with Bruce on stage. He said that both of them did the impossible thing of making New Jersey hip.

Springsteen introduced his friend Zandt as the only man he knew to have spent his entire life wearing pajamas. The other man is Hugh Hefner. Meryl Steep was the one who was asked to make an appearance at the induction ceremony, but had to bail out as there was a conflict of interest with the hit HBO series “Big Little Lies”.

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